Etimad Property Investment Company is well-known for its property services in Turkey. The group of services it provides is a summary of its experience since 2011. The delivery of these services is determined by the characteristics of the property and the customer’s needs.

Interior Design and Implementation

We have extensive experience and a wide range of interior design solutions Obviously any real estate investor in Turkey in need of dealing with old real estate or property that needs to be redesigned and decorated. Etimad Property Investment Co. has extensive experience and a wide range of interior design solutions based on the client’s needs and budget. The […]

Property Maintenance and Operation

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of maintenance and operation of residential and commercial properties. Property Maintenance and Operation It is no secret to anyone the importance of maintenance and operation services that are among the real estate services and any real estate investor needs them. The company’s professional team maintains the property in […]

Property Rental Services in Turkey

Property rental services are most important services required by foreign property investors in Turkey. The company offering complete packages of this service. The rental service by Etimad Property Investment Co. includes several services such as 1- Collecting rents in Turkey on behalf of the property owner, 2- Marketing the property in Turkey through real estate […]

Turkish Citizenship

Summery of application routines and procedures Getting Turkish citizenship is a goal that many seek, because of the many advantages offered by Turkish citizenship to citizens, in addition to the strength of the Turkish passport, through experts of the Accreditation Company for Real Estate Services, you can find out what you need from obtaining Turkish […]

Property Management

Property Management Service is one of the most important and powerful specialties by Etimad Property Investment Co. Property Management is an integral part of any real estate investment, as all investors, whether individuals, companies or investment portfolios, need it. There is no doubt that the real estate management service is considered one of the most […]

Real Estate Valuation in Turkey

Real Estate valuation and appraisal The services that we provide consist of the following 1. REVIEW OF LAND REGISTRY RECORDS Each property and real estate in Turkey is registered with the local land registry office and all transactions relating to proprietary rights must be recorded at this registry. For example, if owner would like to […]