Property Services

Etimad Property Investment Company is well-known for its property services in Turkey. The group of services it provides is a summary of its experience since 2011. The delivery of these services is determined by the characteristics of the property and the customer’s needs.


Real Estate Valuation

We have great experience in providing feasibility studies, evaluation, and real estate appraisal to private entities, investors, and individuals in Turkey. Our company also issue the appraisal certificates recognized by authorities, required for purchasing the property by foreigners. Also, real estate appraisal certificates are part of the requirements for citizenship applications.

Legal services

Etimad Property Investment Co. offers a wide range of Legal Services and works on the legislation, follow-up of government transactions, follow-up issues related to the rights of the owner, such as disputes between the Owner and the Tenant, or follow-up issues related to the property in Turkish courts, etc. The company relays on a professional team of lawyers and attorneys, experienced and specialized in real estate issues. Fortunately, the company has solved many issues of its foreign customers in Turkey.

Rental service

The service includes collecting rents on behalf of the property owner, marketing the property through real estate platforms in Turkey, or using its own customer database. The company also using the extensive network of property offices in Gulf countries and  Turkey. Etimad Property Investment Co. has a record of great successes in the process of collecting rents for its foreign costumers in Turkey. The company provides its service with great professionalism, through careful handling the needs of both customers and tenants. The collection team is characterized by a high knowledge of internal controls of cash collection that limits errors and contribute to avoiding problems within a specific time frame.

Marketing & Resale Services

Etimad Property Investment Co, with its specialized team, offers the client’s properties only after careful auditing and degerming the best-selling price in the market. The service includes auditing, market research, and evaluation, financial intermediation, and development. The company relies on a wide network of agents and partners in Turkey and abroad. Professional digital marketing solutions and Social Media chains are also used by the Company marketing team.

Maintenance and operation

The Company’s professional team maintains the property in terms of building and construction. Meanwhile, provides proper operation of all equipment, devices, and facility tools in the same property. It also makes sure that all services comply with country regulations and standards.

Etimad team provides periodic maintenance service, which could be an issue for any foreign property owner in Turkey, since luck of experience, and it is difficult to communicate with local service providers and suppliers because of a language barrier or the inability to choose the best price or the proper cost.

Interior design & Implementation

Etimad Property Investment Co. has a long experience and a wide range of interior design solutions based on customer needs and budget. The company cooperates with several well-known design and engineering offices in Turkey. A lot of residential and commercial properties of foreign customers in Turkey was served by the company.  

The company also follows all the stages of implementation of the decoration works according to the agreed design on behalf of the owners or during his presence in Turkey. Etimad Property Investment Co. carries full responsibility for the complete process in terms of payment and quality control. Meanwhile, Etimad, handling all necessary payment and procurement issues on behalf of owners. 

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