Property Management

Property Management

Property Management Service is one of the most important and powerful specialties by Etimad Property Investment Co. Property Management is an integral part of any real estate investment, as all investors, whether individuals, companies or investment portfolios, need it.

There is no doubt that the real estate management service is considered one of the most difficult specialty, as it needs a team specialized in all items in this field with full knowledge of the real estate market around the country, beside an access to government regulations and laws stipulated by the country.

Real estate management requires trust and confidence as well, as the company holds personal information about clients and secure it very well, which is what differentiates Etimad Property Services Co. from other companies.

We may handle all issues relating to financial affairs, such as revenues, instalments, rental fees, tolls, taxes, etc.

What differentiates Etimad Property Investment Co. is it provides all details to clients in multiple languages including Arabic, English or Russian.

The company team also provides a number of technical services pertaining to the property, such as maintenance and operation services besides interior design and its implementation services.

For the first time in the field, Etimad Property Investment Co. has set up a special system for real estate management, which is easy and flexible plus providing reports to each customer through the company’s application where work details and procedures are presented through, and the client can view them via smartphones.

The client concludes a formal agreement between him and the company through which the business content, the quality of services and the implementation duration are determined. Etimad Property Services Co. provides a detailed explanation of the work that helps the customer be aware of everything he is doing and this is what made us attract clients from all around the world to Turkey.

Types of properties covered by the Property Management Service:

1- Commercial Properties, as follows:

  • Shops of all sizes.
  • Malls and commercial complexes.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Corporate administrative Offices.
  • Hospitals and clinics.

2- Residential Properties, as follows:

  • Residential Complexes.
  • Apartments.
  • Villa Complexes.
  • Single Villas.
  • Residential Buildings.

Services and their provision mechanism are determined according to the property characteristics, after studying the client’s need.

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