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Loans and mortgages in Turkey

Since Islamic law forbids interest transactions, some Turkish banks like Kuveyt Turk Bank offers both “deferred sale finance” and “lease to own” mortgages to circumvent the restrictions. In a deferred sale mortgage, the bank buys the property and immediately sells it back to you (for a higher price, of course). After making a 20 % initial payment, […]

How to find your dream property in Turkey

Before you do anything, know whether you are buying a home or making an investment. Next, think long and hard about whether you want a newer or older property. If you are buying as an investment or to let, remember that profitable properties might not be properties that you particularly like. Consider who will be […]

How to clean and disinfect your house

Corona virus and other viruses that are transmitted to humans and animals are transmitted by staying on surfaces for periods of up to 9 days, and chlorine is one of the best cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting materials. As it completely eliminates viruses, especially corona virus. It is preferable to make a mixture of chlorine and water […]

Turkey at 2023 – Istanbul Canal

The New Istanbul Canal is one of the major projects of Turkey’s 2023 projects, in addition to the third airport project. The project connects the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara, and Turkish policy makers consider it more important in the future than the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal Kanal Istanbul is the […]

One of the proposed aims of the Istanbul canal project

The Bosphorus might be tricky to navigate but as one of the world’s busiest waterways, it sees heavy traffic. One of the proposed aims of the Istanbul canal project is to reduce pressure on the strait while adding to Turkey’s economy. Here’s how. The Bosphorus is one of the busiest maritime passages in the world. […]