Frequently Asked Questions about the Turkish Citizenship

faq about turkish citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Turkish Citizenship

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Q1: How do I obtain Turkish citizenship?

Every foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in one of the following methods:

Investing with fixed capital of not less than 500,000 USD or its foreign currency or Turkish lira.
Purchasing real estate with value in excess of $ 250,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies.
Creating 50 job opportunities for Turks.
Deposit of $ 500,000 in a Turkish bank.
Purchase of government bonds of US $ 500,000 or equivalent.
Q2: Can my wife and all of my children obtain Turkish citizenship with me?

Yes, your wife and children under the age of 18 will acquire Turkish citizenship with you.

Q3: Should it be one property or several properties?

It can be one or several properties with a value greater than $ 250,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Q4: How is property value assessed?

The value of real estate will be evaluated by appraisal companies certified by the Turkish government.

Q5: How long is the legal validity period accepted for the age of the real estate evaluation report?

The real estate evaluation report is 3 months old from the date of its issuance.

Q6: Can the value of the real estate that I will buy be paid in cash?

Payment must be by wire transfer only, from the buyer’s personal bank account to the seller’s bank account

The buyer will be required to provide proven bank receipts, authenticated by the sender’s bank and the future bank

Q7: How long does it take to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The period for obtaining Turkish citizenship varies from one investor to another, according to the stages through which each investor’s file is studied.

Q8: Can a person applying for citizenship through real estate investing sell his property by simply applying for citizenship?

The applicant cannot sell his properties, the buyer will be required to write a pledge on the title deed not to sell the properties for a period of three years.

Q9: If I fulfill all the conditions, will my citizenship be absolute?

The Turkish government will study the file of each investor separately, and depending on the security study, the nationality is decided upon and granted by decision of the Presidency of the Republic.

Q10: Are there certain conditions for the same property? Can I buy and rent an income property?

There are no conditions attached to the property except that it is worth $ 250,000 and you can buy the property you prefer

Q11: I do not have time to come to Turkey, how can I apply for a transaction?

You can give us an agency from the Turkish embassy, ​​or for any advisory body that will implement the file for you, and depending on the agency it is possible to conduct all procedures

Q12: I have properties I previously bought in Turkey, can I take advantage of them?

To take advantage of the Nationality Law for $ 250,000, you must purchase real estate after 09/19/2018

You can submit your real estate that you bought between 12/01/2017 until 18/09/2018 within the Million Dollar Law.

Therefore, people who bought before the date of the issuance of the 250,000 dollar property law cannot take advantage of their old properties.

Q13: Is it permissible to buy the property from my relatives or sell it to them to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Not possible, the investor is required to purchase real estate from a Turkish person or a Turkish company only.

Q14: When I acquire Turkish citizenship, will I be required to give up my original nationality?

Never, Turkey allows you to retain your old nationality and will not require you to take any action regarding your old nationality

Q15: When I acquire Turkish citizenship, can I choose a different name and surname than my current name?

Yes, you can easily adopt a new name and title as you wish

Q16: Will my children over the age of 18 get citizenship with me on my file?

No, but your oldest son over the age of 18 can submit a special file just like you

Q17: Is military service also imposed on investors who obtain it through real estate investment?

If you obtain Turkish citizenship and you are over 21 years old, you will be exempted from compulsory military service.

Q18: Can owners of Syrian citizenship obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

Syrian nationals cannot take advantage of the law to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate, but the Syrians can apply through a bank deposit of $ 500,000 for a period of three years.

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