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why invest in turkey

Why do you have to invest in Turkey ?

Here is 10 facts about Turkish economy, that will make you believe in Turkish economy. 1. SUCCESFUL ECONOMY 
A fast developing economy, with a GDP growth of 231 Billion USD in 2002, To a GDP of 851 Billion USD in 2017 which is more than triple the amount within 15 years. (TÜİK)Stable economic growth; A yearly GDP growth between 2002 and 2007 of 5,8% (TÜİK)With a yearly average economic growth pace...


Qatar’s five major conglomerates turn to Turkey for investments

Days after Doha, one of Ankara's closest allies in the Gulf region, pledged $15 billion in direct investment in Turkey, Qatar's private sector has also turned to the country as five major conglomerates are looking to invest $300 million. Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (above) visited Ankara last month in an apparent show of support for Turkey, pledging $15 billion in direct investments in the...

faq about turkish citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Turkish Citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Turkish Citizenship Some of questions answered here, but for more please contact our advisers Q1: How do I obtain Turkish citizenship? Every foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in one of the following methods: Investing with fixed capital of not less than 500,000 USD or its foreign currency or Turkish lira. Purchasing real estate with value in...

how disinfect your home

How to clean and disinfect your house

How to clean and disinfect the house with chlorine Corona virus and other viruses that are transmitted to humans and animals are transmitted by staying on surfaces for periods of up to 9 days, and chlorine is one of the best cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting materials. As it completely eliminates viruses, especially corona virus. It is preferable to make a mixture of chlorine and water and put it...

One of the proposed aims of the Istanbul canal project

The Bosphorus might be tricky to navigate but as one of the world's busiest waterways, it sees heavy traffic. One of the proposed aims of the Istanbul canal project is to reduce pressure on the strait while adding to Turkey's economy. Here's how. The Bosphorus is one of the busiest maritime passages in the world. With nearly 43,000 vessels passing through in 2017, the Bosphorus sees nearly three times the...


Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes

Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes By Amy Fontinelle Updated Dec 14, 2018 Selling your home—especially if you've never done it before—can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging. Strangers will come into your home and poke around in your closets and cabinets. They will criticize a place that has probably become more than just four walls and a roof to you, and then, to...


Ways to Invest in Land 

 Ways to Invest in Land  By Troy Adkins  Will Rogers once recommended that people should buy land due to its scarcity. With this in mind, investors need to understand the practicality of owning land and of running a land-based business venture. They also need to be aware of the specific types of land-related investment options available through investment products such as exchange-traded...


Loans and mortgages in Turkey

Financing your property Loans and mortgages in Turkey By Just Landed Since Islamic law forbids interest transactions, some Turkish banks like Kuveyt Turk Bank offers both “deferred sale finance” and “lease to own” mortgages to circumvent the restrictions. In a deferred sale mortgage, the bank buys the property and immediately sells it back to you (for a higher price, of course). After...


How to find your dream property in Turkey

Getting Started How to find your dream property in Turkey By Just Landed Before you do anything, know whether you are buying a home or making an investment. Next, think long and hard about whether you want a newer or older property. If you are buying as an investment or to let, remember that profitable properties might not be properties that you particularly like. Consider who will be renting...


Gas, electricity, and water for your property

Utilities Gas, electricity, and water for your property By Just Landed Setting up and paying for your property´s utilities is fairly convenient in Turkey. Just make sure to have all the required documents readily available. Before setting up your utilities you should obtain a Building Use Authorization Document. This is a form that certifies you own the property and have the right to alter...


Taxes and insurance

Additional property costs Taxes and insurance By Just Landed Dealing with property taxes and insurance in Turkey can get complicated. Use a lawyer and know the tax system. When you buy a property in Turkey, one of the first things you need to do is make sure that the property taxes have been paid by the previous owner. If they have not, you will take on those debts, so make sure to ask the...


The purchasing process

The purchasing process Paperwork and contracts By Just Landed Buying property is straightforward and well-regulated in Turkey. In the end, the new real estate owner receives a deed document (tapu) from the District Land Registry Office that confirms he or she is the new owner of that property. You should prepare the sales contracts with the help of a lawyer. That´s right, contracts: In Turkey,...

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