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Etimad Property Services Co

Etimad Property Services Co. is a real estate company that specializes in real estate services, including investor-ready services and real estate management. The real estate company also provides consulting and legal services. Etimad Property Services Co is led by a group of experienced consultants who possess eight (8) years of experience in the real estate sector in Turkey and the Gulf region.

Etimad Property Services Co aims to become one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, which is one of the most important factors that drive economic growth. The company’s services came to an importance at a time when the number of real estate projects purchased by foreigners in Turkey escalated.

Our company cooperates with many leading development companies and real estate marketing companies in Turkey in which Etimad Property Services Co’s real estate services contribute a very important component of the pre-sale and after-sales services.

What distinguishes Etimad Property Services Co. from other real estate companies is that it provides a systemic process of services and management for individuals, institutions, or real estate investors.

The company is a result of years of experience in various fields built to manage its clients’ investments and assets in Turkey.

The company laid new foundations and rules in the real estate and asset management sector in Turkey as it challenges the traditional processes of the real estate industry. Etimad Property Services Co. adopts a new system of processes that contains a wide range of services that investors require when achieving the desired profits from investing or buying real estate. This new systematic process ensures the management of the client’s commercial real estate such as shops and offices as well as residential real estate such as apartments and villas, through a single integrated program called Global Trust Property Management (GTPM).

Our Mission

Excellence and uniqueness in the quality of services provided to clients.

Customer satisfaction is our capital and the reason for our success, especially in times of economic challenges. Honest competition is our principal. We value respectable competition.

We strive to provide a range of unique and specialized services in the real estate sector. The highest quality standards are not only our motto but also among the most important principles of our company.

We believe that the company’s development is linked to its team, so we are working on the continuous development of our team members. Our best marketing channels are our clients and customers.

Our Objectives

  • We believe that our success links to the contentment and satisfaction of our customers and clients.
  • We are committed to excellence and quality in all stages of work, from start to completion.
  • Achieving customer and client goals, as well as their satisfaction, is our true achievement.
  • Mutual respect between team members and the management.
  • A deep sense of responsibility for social issues.
  • Professional honesty with regard to customer information and their private life.
  • The credibility in words, which is proven through our actions and achievements.


Our Vision

  • Responsibility is our main value, and every member of the company represents value.
  • For Etimad Property Services Co. to become a trademark at a regional and international level.
  • To create a positive and motivating work environment in accordance with the latest scientific methods for the real estate market.
  • Taking advantage of advanced technology and software in order to be time-efficient in today’s modern world.
  • Raising the standards of real estate services in the local Turkish market.
  • Developing the win-win philosophy of profit and interest in a manner that guarantees durability and continuity, so that it can be passed on to future generations.